7 Reasons Why You Should Join Loyalty Programs

loyalty program cardsAs a corporate traveler I flew on average 4 flights per week for more than 15 years. I have flown dozen of airlines, stayed in more than 30 different hotels, rented vehicles from most of the top 6 rental companies. I have always registered for the various companies’ loyalty program, and I’ve reaped the rewards. Loyalty programs, also know as Frequent Flyer programs, Points programs, Cruising programs or Dining programs are programs that keep track of your purchases and reward you for your business with the companies. Loyalty programs tell the associated company of your potential intent to shop and buy your products or services.

Many of you may feel you prefer not to give information to companies, and I fully understand your position. I would like to share 7 reasons to join such programs because I personally hesitated to join certain programs until I understood all the benefits. It’s a personal decision, that’s for sure.

My family and I traveled to Hawaii three times, once with 4 individuals, the second time with 5, and the third time just my husband and I. We stayed more than 20 times on hotel points, I’ve traded American Express points for blenders and mixers for my daughter, as well as for very original unique presents for various friends and family members.

I would like to share 7 reasons to join such programs:

1 – Your ranking in any activities related to the product or service you are buying (be it a hotel room, airfare seat, dinner related activity) will be higher than that of a random client who is not known to the company

2 – Whether it is points, air miles, stay miles, number of coffees, number of car rental, you will gain more as you use the loyalty program services or products.

3 – Upgrades for seats, type of rooms, location of rooms, location of table can be gifted to you if you are part of a company’s loyalty program.

4 – You can redeems your points, stays, mileage etc for free hotel days, free flights, free coffee, (trust me, some days that is worth just as much as a hotel room upgrade) free entrees at dinner time or other perks.

5 – You can be privy to special offers only available to the loyalty program members.

6 – At times, companies work together and offer amalgamation options – ie, you can transfer your points, mileage, stays for a predetermined equivalence for another program. For example, I was able to convert my half a room at one hotel program, two nights at another hotel program, and two upgrades of a service for mileage points with a specific airline.

7 – Alliance programs allow you to use the products or services of a variety of providers. For example, I can use my Air Canada mileage for a flight provided by an alliance airline associated with Air Canada, as part of the Star Alliance. I flew on a United Airlines flight for the same amount of points needed by Air Canada.

Do you have a stellar customer experience related to a loyalty program to share with us?


Retired exec consultant who traveled for more than 4 decades, both corporate and leisure. I appreciate my travel experience and want to share tips, photos and stories with readers! I live in Ottawa Canada and have traveled to 31 countries.

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