From Dublin, with Love – Part 2 – St Patrick’s Cathedral and St Stephen’s Green

ireland postcard - st stephen green and st Patrick cathedral
I had the pleasure to visit St Patrick’s Cathedral, the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland. It’s the largest and tallest church in Ireland. I also took a few walks through St Stephen’s Green. This is a great location to reconnect with nature. I’m really enjoying my stay.

Both St Patrick’s Cathedral and St Stephen’s Green are must-see locations during a stay in Dublin. I visited St Stephen’s Green many times during my 18-day stay, and it was always full of people of all ages walking about or feeding the ducks and the pigeons. I was in Dublin in the fall, therefore, some of the trees had already lost their leaves. The ground was covered and the coloured leaves added a beautiful element to the photos.

In 1663 St Stephen’s Green was originally a marshy common, but in 1664 it was enclosed with a wall. In 1814 the wall was replaced by railings. Access to the Green was restricted to local residents, until 1877 when Sir A.E. Guinness spearheaded an initiative to make the park publicly accessible.


St Stephen’s Green has a garden for the blind with scented plants, which can withstand handling, and are labeled in braille.Every time I took a walk through the park  I admired its layout. a large lake is a home to ducks and other waterfowl.

A short distance from the core of Dublin, this park has more than 22 acres to explore.

St Stephen's Green Dublin

Stephen's Green Dublin

One of my favorite pictures taken at St. Stephen’s Green was of this little lad who was having a great time chasing the pigeons.

chasing the pigeons at St Stephen's Green

My next visit was to the nearby St Patrick’s Cathedral, also known as the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland. Founded in 1991 it is the tallest and largest church in Ireland. What impressed me the most were the many statues and tombs lining the main area of the church. A rare occurrence happened when St. Patrick Church was elevated to cathedral since there was already Christ Church Cathedral in the city.

St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin

In the outside graveyard and under the cathedral’s floor are buried more than 500 individuals including Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels who served as dean. I particularly appreciate the details of the statue of King George III who founded “The Most Illustrious Order of the Knights of Saint Patrick” in 1783,  an order of chivalry. Its members were given the title of Knights of the Order.

Statues st patrick cathedral dublin

Inside the cathedral st patrick dublin

I enjoyed walking through this cathedral and admiring the more than 200 statues and numerous old flags. It would take quite some time to look attentively to all that the cathedral offers but with limited time I still felt I got a sense of the history of this magnificent Gothic structure.




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