Photo of the Week – Bird’s eye view

This photo was taken from one of the towers of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. During a long cruise to Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania, we stopped for one day to visit Sydney. On my bucket list were four items I planned to cross off during our trip  Visiting the Sydney Opera House (I love Opera, and I really like this particular house), Walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, seeing a koala and a kangaroo up close and personal.

I planned to walk the entire length of the bridge and back, but it was a very hot day, and I considered walking over the bridge, as the people you see in the photo. Due to my last minute request, I was told it would be a three-hour wait however, they suggested I climbed one of the towers that offered amazing views of the bridge and the city.

This is a unique view of the top of the bridge, as well as of the northern part of town. This bridge is magnificent from every vantage point.

Sydney Harbour Bridge



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