Photo of the Week – Brrrrrrrr COLD hometown

I very seldom use photos that are not mine, but today, seeing YAHOO’s article made me want to share this amazing fact – Yesterday, December 28th 2017, my hometown, Ottawa, Canada was COLDER than areas on the planet MARS! We hit a cold -26C (-14.8 F) where parts of Mars were a balmy -23C! We also registered as the coldest capital in the WORLD! Nothing like breaking records!!

This is when the snow cracks under your feet, the cars are a bit slower to warm up, your skin freezes quickly and in my case, my eye water! But, Ottawa is still my favorite hometown! Happy New Year to you all, and I hope that your part of the world is warmer.


Retired exec consultant who traveled for more than 4 decades, both corporate and leisure. I appreciate my travel experience and want to share tips, photos and stories with readers! I live in Ottawa Canada and have traveled to 31 countries.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Brrrrrrrr COLD hometown

    • January 4, 2018 at 2:22 am

      Thanks for your comments, and I agree – the temperature has been WAY too low…ah – the joys of living in Canada!


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