Canada’s Table – more than a feast for 1,000

In my last blog post, I wrote of the amazing gastronomical event that was Canada’s Table. 10 chefs from around the country were matched with 10 local chefs to create a 4-course meal with great wine pairing. 5 Canadian regions were represented and all the food and wine were from our beautiful country.  1,000 guests regale while enjoying the view of the Parliament buildings.

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The event was a huge success, but the epic dinner was the last event with the various chefs. During the few days leading to the dinner, chefs spent time in their hosts’ restaurants, and at local food banks helping people learn to make economical and healthy meals for families. Chefs put on cooking demonstrations and workshops and gave of their time and expertise to help others learn that cooking can be achieved by everyone.

Canada’s Table was an Ottawa 2017 non-profit event to celebrate Canada’s unique culinary culture during the 150th anniversary of Confederation and to raise funds for food security projects in our communities. Food security is the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Canada’s Table website lists the following groups as beneficiaries of the many activities and grandiose dinner:

  • The Growing Futures Program by the Parkdale Food Centre
  • The Kitchen Renovation at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
  • The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
  • Shepherds of Good Hope
  • The Ottawa Mission
  • Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills and
  • The Parkdale Food Centre

Preparations for Canada’s Table engaged local culinary students, as the out-of-town chefs created their dishes in the kitchen labs of Algonquin College’s School of Hospitality and Tourism.

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So many people were involved in these events and based on the feedback I heard throughout the evening, many guests attended the events leading up to the dinner. I am proud to see so many individuals involved in not only celebrating our 150th anniversary but also in helping so many in our communities. All this makes me so proud to call myself “A Proud Canadian”!



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