Photo of the Week – Our Lady of Fátima Statue

Our Lady of Fátima
Our Lady of Fátima


I was visiting the city of Palencia, in Spain and entered the Convent de San Pablo. Churches to me are a source of peace and calmness. I try to visit as many churches and cathedrals as I can, especially when I am in Europe. The very old churches and cathedrals have weathered many wars, and many centuries of history.

I happen to be in the church at the most appropriate time in terms of sunlight. I couldn’t help but admire this beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fátima. Unlike some of the statues often found in churches, this particular one had very refined features. With the sunlight softly illuminating the features of her peaceful looking face, I couldn’t help but find Our Lady beautiful. This is one of those moments where I wanted to try to capture beauty.





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