Photo of the Week – Silhouette of London

London, cityscape
Silhouette of London

Our youngest daughter Lisa was working in England, and we decided to visit her and a very small part of England.

This photo was taken at sunset with a view on the the Elizabeth Tower (often misnamed Big Ben) at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London England. Officially, only the 13-ton bell is called Great Bell. The moniker Big Ben was given to honor Sir Benjamin Hall, the Commissioner of Public Works whose name is inscribed on the bell. It chimed for the first time on the 11th of July 1859, and it is said on a good clear day, its chimes can be heard as far as 9 miles away!

I find that there’s so much beauty and mystery in sunset cityscapes. One can notice so many more details when the silhouette of buildings is all we can see. We are not distracted by colours or textures, but details of the roofs, the towers and gargoyles, which are one of my favorite architecture features.


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